Daniel Ching

High school graduate from Raffles Institution (Singapore). Tech enthusiast, specializing in applied ML and sports science. Interested in AI, edtech and optimizing physiological performance, or the intersection of these.

Where I'm at currently

Check out my now page.

Some things I've built/done

  • Running Made Simple (beta): A webapp that calculates training zones and split times for the 2.4km run. Built with Mok Ying Ren, Singapore's (ex-)top triathlete & marathoner. Currently under active construction. v0 dropping soon.
  • Managing UX and Product in Langchain Applications: a talk at GoogleHQ, in conjunction with DataScienceSG. (Slide deck)
  • Chat-Your-H2-Econs: A chatbot (own OpenAI key required) to chat with comprehensive notes on the GCE A-Level H2 Economics Syllabus
  • RISE For The World: My project for the inaugural RISE Challenge (organised by Schmidt Futures).