I coach on a voluntary basis—anywhere from the 1500m up to the 10km distance. Of course, I'm not officially (IAAF) recognized, this is more of a side hobby. In high school, I used to run competitively for Raffles Institution (800m/ cross country).

My training philosophy (as with most things in life): consistency pays. Train smart, consistently and sustainably. Know your body and practise intensity control.

I read up on sports science research papers in my free time, so feel free to contact me if you want to bounce ideas. I have a working list of ideas that I'm thinking about here.

Running Now

Completed a 2.4km training block that reduced ~20s on effective run time through Jan Hoff's 4 x 4'/3' protocol. Analysis to come later.

Ideas include: building data visualisers from Strava data, integrating ML for analysis. Would be cool to pull data from elites in the lead up to Paris 2024 too.

Some things I've created

The following people do the best job at explaining physiology concepts on Twitter-

  • Dr Scott Carlin (physical therapist, strength exercises for runners)
  • Brady Holmer (author of Physiologically Speaking newsletter)
  • Daniel Rowland (sports science research)
  • Stephen Seiler (physiology specialist)
  • Alan Couzens (physiology specialist / dev)
  • Inigo San Milan (physiology)
  • Marco Altini (founder of HRV4Training)